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Woodward Hills Nursing

The ability to see the end result in the conception stage is a gift not all of us possess. Motivation is a bi-product of vision; with an entrepreneurial spirit the end result is the target. thirty years of experience is also helpful. Every completed project is a measurable accomplishment; however obtaining site plan approvals and hard to get variances from a building department with a ridid reputation takes patience, presistence and political savvy. The project was a sub acute ambulatory medical building for a major hospital group. The project consisted of demolishing an existing mansion, major renovation of an existing 65,000 sq. ft. nursing home and a new 95,000 sq. ft. addition. The neighbours were industry titans with homes valued at $15 to $25 million.

Several hundred large mature trees had to be cut down to accommodate the sprawling project and to make matters worse only one entrance to a multi phased construction project, with the last phase at the only entrance. This project had a major presence for the hospital due to the location and involved top executives to the chairmen level. Everyone had their eye on this project and as the team leader we were responsible for CON budgets through construction completion and final occupancy.

With so many ownership level players and delicate egos, staying focused on budget and schedule is a daunting responsibility, especially with a tight budget driven by a high cost of real estate. This project became a benchmark for the hospital and future developments.

Not only did we meet our schedule and budget obligations, but also we were rewarded with additional projects.

this philosophy ties into the leadership roll and persuading the players to a successful cohesive result. I guess the greates accomplishment is the total team assembly resulting in a smooth flowing operation, with positive daily dialog. We have always insisted on clean, litter free and organized construction sites. This speaks loudly on how the project is run and is a major marketing factor to existing and future clients.

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